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How to correctly store and maintain large diameter seamless

In the rainy season, large-caliber seamless steel pipe storage and maintenance are divided into two types of indoor and outdoor storage, first of all that large-diameter seamless steel pipe storage and maintenance methods to achieve the following: First, select the appropriate venue and warehouse - - Keeping large-diameter seamless steel pipes for storage in venues or warehouses should be clean, well-drained and away from mines producing harmful gases or powders. On the venue to remove all debris, to keep large-diameter seamless steel tube clean. Warehouse shall not be acid, alkali, salt, cement and other corrosive materials in the same room, different varieties of steel should be stacked separately, shall not be confused, to prevent contact corrosion. In addition, the requirements of decline in sunny days, ventilation as soon as possible, rainy days pay attention to turn off moisture. Always maintain suitable storage environment. Second, the rational stacking, advanced first release - the southern rainy season is generally longer, the northern rainy season is shorter, which requires flexible storage of large-caliber seamless steel pipe management, the same material specifications of the product, the sale of the shipment, according to the order Libraries, early storage of the early library, late library storage. Third, to keep the warehouse clean and strengthen the conservation of materials - Large-diameter seamless steel pipe before storage should be taken to prevent rain or mixed with impurities, the already stained or rainy materials according to their nature using different methods to wipe. After the large diameter steel storage to be checked frequently, if there is corrosion, should remove the rust layer, the general large-diameter seamless steel pipe surface clean, do not oiled, but the high-quality large-diameter seamless steel pipe, alloy thin-walled large diameter Seamless steel pipe, large-diameter seamless steel pipe imports, special materials, large-diameter seamless steel pipe, etc., rust and rust on the external surface of the post-painted rust-proof oil in the storage. Corrosion on the more serious boiler pipe, rust should not be long-term custody, should be used as soon as possible.
Outdoor storage and maintenance of large-diameter seamless steel pipe methods and precautions, first of all to protect large-diameter seamless steel pipe packaging materials and protective layer - Large diameter seamless steel pipe factory pre-painted antiseptic or other plating and packaging, which Is to prevent corrosion of materials important measures in the process of loading and unloading transport must pay attention to protection, can not be damaged, that is, to prevent rain and water can lengthen the shelf life of the material, serve two purposes. Second, run into rainy days, large-diameter seamless pipe covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain wet rusty, the bottom of the pile should be padded, strong, smooth, to prevent moisture or deformation. And between the stack and stack to leave a water outlet to avoid backlog of rain,

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