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Talking about the Problems Existing in China 's Steel Tube I

First of all, a group of steel pipe processing enterprises rely on external supply of pipe billets. In the current situation of soaring steel pipe output, the source of the pipe billet is very tight. The price increase increases the cost of steel pipe and can not compete in the market. Therefore, the operating rate is very low, Bring difficulties Small size seamless steel pipe and welded pipe due to its low investment, quick, a large number of private enterprises, private enterprises have been mushrooming repeatedly built up; they rely on the advantages of low cost, flexible policies and the old steel pipe state-owned enterprises compete for the billet market and pipe Market, competition is fierce.
China's relatively backward seamless steel pipe production capacity of 52% of the total capacity; to be eliminated incomplete unit capacity accounted for 18%. From a technical point of view, the focus of the transformation is automatic pipe rolling unit, with the continuous pipe rolling unit to replace the periodic rolling unit and automatic pipe rolling unit has the general trend. Some have been eliminated out of the new, the principle of building a seamless steel tube unit is what is based on the actual needs of the market and potential demand to choose the project, to do something, do something, that is, to avoid the advantages of welded steel pipe The field also has to produce the main tube. Expand, the advantage of welded pipe is D / S> 25-30 thin-walled steel pipe. Outer diameter ф426mm-610mm above the large-diameter steel pipe, the steel outer dimensions, wall thickness higher precision steel pipe, oil and gas transmission pipe, city gas pipe, general machinery pipe, grid, structural steel, automotive transmission Longitudinal welded pipe in the field of shaft pipe, belt conveyor idler tube, coal exhaust pipe, water pipe, and some low pressure boiler tubes, heat pipe, low strength oil well pipe can replace seamless pipe. Seamless pipe development should be to play its own advantages to the production of high value-added and high-tech-oriented special-purpose pipe, that is, in the strength, temperature, pressure, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance demanding areas Such as high pressure boiler tubes, some special-purpose chemical pipe, deep wells with oil wells (high anti-collapse, high corrosion resistance, high temperature and pressure of high performance, high-quality special thread with oil pipes, etc.).
Spiral welded pipe production units in China due to the uneven level of equipment and technology, the quality of spiral welded pipe varies greatly, therefore, spiral pipe can not be used in general terms. In general, foreign countries in the delivery of oil and gas and city gas is not the use of spiral welded pipe, such as the Canadian spiral pipe in the production process is to reference LSAW pipe technology, the spiral welded pipe quality molding process and stress elimination and so on Reached a new level. At present, the scope of the domestic use of spiral welded pipe has reached a consensus on the long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas can only be used for mountainous areas, deserts and other sparsely populated areas. A few years ago because of some misleading information, that the spiral welded pipe is the development direction, a short period of time from Xinjiang to the East China Sea more than 20 spiral pipe production line. In fact, in our country should not be a lot of development of spiral welded pipe, and technological transformation should be the focus. In the use of non-key industrial production of spiral welded pipe is generally used for water, piling pipe and other fields. About ERW high frequency longitudinal welded pipe unit, less than ф114mm a lot, most of the production of water, gas pipe, is out of the product, so the plant either shut down or the development of new products. Hebei Chengde Iron and Steel Company ф89mm welded pipe unit using "high-frequency welding, furnace annealing, tension reducing" process of low-pressure boiler tube production is a correct direction. From the world point of view, the market for welded pipe products varieties, quality requirements continue to increase, LSAW pipe is in line with this market trend.
At present, China's hot rolled steel finished products yield about 93%. Among them, the hot rolled seamless steel pipe into the rate, depending on the level of its technical equipment fluctuations, the advanced technology is generally 90-92% of rolling mills; technology behind the mill is only about 80%; hot-rolled seamless pipe / t power consumption, advanced The rolling mill is 100-150kWh / t and the backward rolling mill is more than 300kWh / t. The operation rate of rolling mill is over 75% for advanced rolling mill and less than 70% for backward rolling mill. In short, there is still a gap between the above indexes and the international advanced steel pipe manufacturing level, which needs improvement.

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