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China wants to be a big country in the manufacture of large-

China's first X80 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm X18.4 mm spiral submerged arc welded pipe, X80 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm X22 mm LSAW pipe, X80 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm induction heating pipe to fill 3 The domestic blank shows that our country has become one of the most powerful countries in the world in manufacturing high-grade, large-caliber and thick-walled steel pipe. Since 2004, this factory has been targeting the planned long-distance pipeline projects in accordance with the idea of ​​"producing a generation, developing a generation, developing a generation and reserving a generation", and constantly enhancing its capability of independent innovation. In recent years, the plant from X60 steel Shaanxi-Beijing pipeline to the West-East gas pipeline with the X70 grade, and then to the second West-East Gas Pipeline with X80, and constantly accelerate the pace of independent innovation, made to fill 14 gaps in the domestic Impressive performance, and in the straight seam welded pipe, elbow and related technology, production line construction, setting a domestic first 8.
By the end of 2006, with the excellent performance of first-line steel pipe production in the West-East Gas Pipeline, the plant undertook three large-scale spiral gas, straight seam and elbows in one time in the large-scale gas transmission pipeline project of the second West-East Gas Pipeline East Second Pipeline scientific and technological research and pilot project, is responsible for the second phase of the West-East Gas Pipeline scientific research and trial production tasks up to the most difficult manufacturers. Focusing on accelerating the development and production of the second-tier West-East gas pipeline, the plant actively cooperated with large-scale steel enterprises such as Baosteel and Anshan Iron and Steel to further understand the X80 sheet metal performance analysis, special welding materials and forming welding technology. January 6 this year, X80 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm X18.4 mm West-East Gas Pipeline with two spiral submerged arc welded pipe in the plant officially began mass production. Next, X80 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm? 2 mm LSAW pipe and X80 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm induction heating pipe were identified in February and April this year by experts organized by the Group and China Iron and Steel Association. At present, the plant is hurrying to mass production.

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