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2017 most seamless steel pipe wall thickness and pressure ta

1. CS represents the seamless steel tube in the table, the applicable material GB8163 "seamless steel pipe for fluid transmission", GB3087 "seamless steel pipe for low and medium pressure boilers", GB6479 "high pressure seamless steel pipe for chemical fertilizer equipment" GB9948 " Seamless steel pipe ", in the 20 #;
 SS1 stainless steel seamless pipe, suitable material GB14976 "stainless steel seamless pipe for fluid transmission" 304L (00Cr19Ni10), 316L (00C17Ni14Mo2);
SS2 stainless steel seamless pipe, the applicable material GB14976 "304 stainless steel seamless pipe for fluid transmission" (0Cr18Ni9), 316 (0C17Ni12Mo2);
2. Table seamless steel pipe wall thickness for the temperature range of -20 ~ +150 ℃, corrosion allowance carbon steel take 2.0mm, stainless steel seamless pipe to take 0, the selection should pay attention to the relevant norms and requirements.
3. Seamless steel pipe standard GB17395-2008 seamless steel pipe size, shape, weight and tolerance.
4. This table is calculated according to GB / T 20801.1-2006 Pressure Pipeline Specification Industrial Pipeline
5. class for the American Standard seamless steel pipe pressure level, the American standard pressure grade and MPa conversion: Class150 equivalent to the American Standard pressure grade 2.0Mpa; Class 300 is equivalent to 5.0Mpa; Class 400 is equivalent to 6.8Mpa; Class 600 is equivalent to 11.0 Mpa; Class 900 is equivalent to 15.0Mpa; Class 1500 is equivalent to 26.0Mpa; Class 2500 is equivalent to 42.0Mpa.

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