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Steel pipe in our life what are the purposes

The development of steel pipe industry began with the rise of bicycle manufacturing. The development of oil in the early nineteenth century, the manufacture of ships, boilers and aircraft during the two world wars, the manufacture of thermal power boilers after the Second World War, the development of the chemical industry, the drilling and transportation of oil and natural gas, etc. Promote seamless steel pipe industry in terms of variety, quality and yield. Seamless steel pipe can not only be used to transport fluid and powdery solids, exchange heat, manufacturing machine parts and containers, it is also a economical steel to save the metal, for example: steel pipe manufacturing building structures and mechanical support, you can save the metal, reduce Weight, welded steel pipe (also called welded pipe) instead of channel steel can save about 60% of steel. For example, building a 5000-meter-3 building requires only 200 tons of pipe structure and no less than 350-400 tons of section steel. The relationship between steel pipe and human life is much better than that of other rolled steel, from bikes, household furniture, water supply and air supply equipment, to the manufacture of various agricultural and industrial machinery, development of underground resources, missiles and rockets used in national defense and aerospace technologies, Can not do without steel.
Due to the great relationship between the steel pipe and the national economy and human life, steel pipe production has not only developed rapidly, but also its status in the steel industry has been increasing. The world's steel pipe production in the proportion of total steel production is increasing.

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