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Thick-walled seamless steel pipe production process

Thick-walled seamless steel pipe production methods can be divided into the slash-rolling method (Mennesmann method) and extrusion method.
Slanting method (Meng Nisiman method) is the first use of oblique roll tube perforation, and then use the mill to extend it. This method has the advantages of high production speed but high requirement on the workability of the tube blank, and is mainly applied to the production of thick-walled carbon steel seamless pipe and low-alloy thick-walled seamless steel pipe.
Extrusion rule is to use perforation machine perforation of the tube or ingot, and then extrusion into thick-walled seamless steel pipe, this method is less efficient than the cross-rolling method, suitable for the production of high-strength alloy thick-walled seamless steel pipe.
Slant and extrusion methods must be the first tube or ingot heating, production of thick-walled seamless tube called hot-rolled tube. Pipes produced by hot working can sometimes be cold worked on an as-needed basis.
Cold-working in two ways: one is cold-drawing method, that is, through the drawing of thick-walled seamless steel pipe drawing, so that the pipe tapering, elongation; the other is the cold-rolled method, which is Mengnei The hot rolling mill invented by Schumann Brothers is used in cold working. Cold-rolled thick-walled seamless steel pipe, pipe can improve the dimensional accuracy and finish, improve the mechanical properties of the material.

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